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purchase & delivery

We will purchase whatever you need from your our recommended or your preferred sources.  we save you time and costs of traveling between cities to purchase goods.  

Quote & Price transparency

We will help you to get the quotation within hours. Pay for the actual invoice value with no additional costs.

Personalized invoice

Invoices are issued for all your orders. No hidden delivery fees. only pay percentage fee on all sourced, paid for and delivered goods.

Safe & Quick

Be assured of quick and safe delivery. Expect your goods in 8hrs time for intra-city and 48hrs for outside Lusaka.

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We insure all of your orders so that you never have to worry about lost or damaged items..

Local pickup

Distance based pricing

No hidden fees. Complete transparency. Pay according to the distance of your order.

Personalized invoice

Invoices are issued for all your orders. There's also the option to pay in advance. "Contact us" to know more.

Anytime, anything

Moving anything anytime for your business with convenience. We’re here whenever you need us.

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